Video Diablo 2: The Best Assassin Build? - Diablo Meta Series 2021 1

Time for the Assassin class. This is the 3rd video in the Diablo 2 Meta Series. As always leave your thoughts in the comments if you would like!

I’m happy with 3 builds all performing well, BUT, I do think I should try out a WW Assassin PvP-like build or similar Martials arts build one day.

As Always feel free to comment if you have any questions! Hope you enjoyed my video!

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Từ khóa: Diablo 2: The Best Assassin Build? – Diablo Meta Series, Diablo 2: The Best Assassin Build? – Diablo Meta Series, Diablo 2: The Best Assassin Build? – Diablo Meta Series

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  1. Momchil Andonov

    You are showing 3 builds here but the first seems most interesting and fun to me. Can the build be viable in the whole game without using runewords? I mean cheap singleplayer build relying on luck for items?

  2. Jesús Islas

    i have being using cobra strike with dragon talon to figthing close and blade sentinel like trap to guarantee a better crowd control in the area, well some points to claw mastery too, but i use a rare 2 socket claw with both perfect emeralds on it xd

  3. Villeee Eee

    Yo dude.. you inspired me to make Assasin with death runeword phaseblade as weapon goreriders upped dream helm/gulli maras amu stormshield and string of ears belt 50% dmg reduced with shield and belt..good fhr made it kick & traps today gona go for ubers..treachery as armor also duress swap 1.1k kick dmg and casts pretty fast all kinds of stuff 😀 realized that with trechery you can kick pretty fast with fade casted..hmm but i most of the time cast it away with burst enyways..kind a build that has littlebit evrthing and very enjoyable build to play with.

  4. Roberto Nuno

    Great build, I’m currently playing with an Assasin, is my second favorite, Hammerdin number one on my list, but I don’t have enigma yes, great video thank you for posting.

  5. wackomanx

    Sweet rare belt with open wounds. Never seen one before. I'm kidding! I know the first build was on single player. Just giving you a hard time.

  6. Yuchen Hu

    Nice video, friendly and lucid explanations. Perhaps you could add WW('chaos') PVE sin as well? Sure the repairing cost tons of gold and is a bit annoying, but who cares about gold anyway, lol. The upside includes that you save tons of skill points that you could spend on anything you like(venom, shadow, dragon talon, etc), the play style is quite relaxing (hold right click), requires no IAS, and it's really cool.

  7. Wary Wolf

    Being poor, and generally one to make characters from the ground up, I prefer builds that don't rely on equipment as much. As such the trapsassin has my vote. That said, if I ever get a Stormlash to drop, I think respecing to try out that fire trap assassin could be a lot of fun.

  8. Adam J R

    I played the Rift assassin online called "Onikage" during the ladder thats just about to end. On Hardcore though and unfortunately she died at level 89, but damn it was fun! Shout out to my brother in arms on the EU servers hc-holyhead! — Det var en awesome video om assassin class. Tusind tak Djuntas!

  9. ꧁GRASS꧂

    the actual traps are ias and not fcr, correct? Anyways, My suriken build, though not a top tier ass build, is still quirky and fun. Gear: Head=Wilhelms, with either str or hit recovery or Resistance jewels, I have two hats, one str and one resists, Armor is enigma archon plate or dusk, I don't want to log in to see lol (might even be mage) be it's probably archon since i know the Shield is Phoenix Monarch, so that's 156 str, so…… unless the Wilhems hat is heavier than the monarch, the same str principle applies here, and I'm pretty sure the armor is enigma, if not fortitude. Crap hold on I'll go check…*checks* WOW it's fort dusk ok. Highlord's amy too, so no teleport on this cat. Pure pvm until weird parts of hell I guess. Mainhand weap is perfect grief zerk, but you could do one better in slot if you get your paws on a perfect giref zerk ETH!!! Because blade shooty (or whatever the skill is called) doesn't wear down your weapon. I only put one point into blade shooty too, since the diminishing returns is awful on the skill, but that's in the points part of the guide :3. Boots are Gore riders, belt is dungo's, gloves are Clegaw's (for the Knockback) um…. rings are raven and bul kath's, swap is the yooj. I forgot to check the weight of Wilhem's hat versus the Phoenix (try to get it perf). I don't use enigma since this isn't really a viable ass kicking build in pvp. Your damage is nice but your chance to hit during a (strafe-lock) animation is pretty much zero. POINTS: I go face, but you can speed whatever. MAX your Venom strike, and your grief, fortitude, phoenix, and poison charms do a high percentage of your damage. Very little of this is the phisical damage, actually, though you get a little bit off your perfect 400 grief, upped by your fort and phoenix, but reduced from your blade shooty skill. (it only uses 3/4 damage of weap) I found higher skill levels don't add much to that skill overall. Just adding one works for me. uh…. basically, just do your one pointers until you open up your blade shooty skill, lvl till you get your torch and anni on, and slap the gear on. Your main job is to improve the mood and morale of people in their 200th cow or baal run but flinging surikens around wearing a valk-horn hat and a glowy footed monarch. Have fun.

  10. browntown17

    Please do a video for the phoenix assasine. i tried some multiple times to build a competetiv phoenix assa, but was never sure what equipment and skills. I realy like the playstyle from Melee Assa.Great D2 Content again Djuntas 🙂

  11. vaibhav prabhudesai

    Finally a good Assassin video. My babe Assassin gets neglected so much. Why isn't Chaos a good Runeword for Assassin? I understand Enigma beats Treachery but Chaos seems good.

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