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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max all have a secret button that you can activate that allows you to create a shortcut to many features of the iPhone.

You can use it to access the camera, switch apps, lock your phone, and over 20 different options.

You have to turn this option on inside of settings for your iPhone.

Go to the settings app, Accessibility, touch, and back tap.

You have options for double-tap or triple-tap and each one can be set to different iPhone features.

Once you set it, you simply tap the back of your phone twice or three times to access the secret button.

You can use this gesture with an iPhone case as well.

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  1. Christopher Martin

    Please please please do you have to tell me I know it’s a built-in feature when you went in the beginning of the video to select settings to open up and select the path to enable double tap and triple tap for the back button you circled during the live video with a green tracer and a red permanent outline on the tracer to circle the icon app of Settings while you were talking and recording on your phone. This is a built-in feature that is free there was only one video that I saw how to do it and I accidentally closed it out and I could not find it ever againI have searched every day for this video and it was since last month on the second when I bought my first iPhone Pro 12 max I’ve never had an iPhone or an iOS before I’ve always used android but please please please tell me how to enable the ability to draw lines, arrows, and sketch while I am recording on a tutorial video whether it’s on camera because that’s where the feature really is. And I don’t know if it’s enabled through Settings or if it’s something that you can do while the camera Is active! And then once I do or if you do show me how to do it can you also tell me how to edit my colors that way when I draw a shape it’s one color but then when I licked my finger to finalize the shape it turns another one that I choose? That is so awesome!

  2. Christopher Martin

    I watched your video there’s one question I do have. How in the heck did you draw on the screen during the video while you are filming? I saw one video on secret features of iPhone 12 they are usually all the same but in this one particular video it showed you that you have a built-in system through your camera that you can activate and draw like that during videos and you don’t have to download another app to do it it’s already built-in to the iPhone 12 series is that what you are using it and if it is how do you use it?

  3. John Polk

    late watching this video buuutttttttt………. Samsung has been able to do this with nova launcher, not only 2x tap and 3x tap but many other gestures. Nothing against apple but a little late to the party


    WOW! Ive been trying to get this damm phone to transfer for two days, I went to target and smuck did'nt do s—t. Thank you so much Now I have to figure how to get the old password from the old phone…Oh there is one other thing, it sounds like the volume is low but its turned up as high as it can go. Got any ideas?

  5. Tim Musician

    Looks like something I would be constantly accidentally activating. Seems annoying & frustrating. Can’t wait for them to bring the damn home button back. I am forced to upgrade from the 7 because of a defect that materialized a couple weeks AFTER the 4 yr anniversary of my purchase date so I can’t get the free repair. I have been waiting for another model the size of the mini (iPhone 5 was my favorite form factor). We got it but I’m pissed there’s no home button.

  6. Henning Betschka

    The feature is called „back tap“. It‘s available since iOS14. Don‘t get fooled. You don‘t have to tap the Apple logo. The backside is fully enough, because it‘s triggered by the gyroskope. It‘s not a button. These clickbait titles get me really angry.

  7. WillN2Go1

    Typical of Apple's random Settings menu changes version to version or for no reason at all! I'm sitting here with my new iPhone 12 and the Double Tap menu items are completely different than yours. I'm migrating from the 6s and I'm trying to find what's replaced the Home Button.

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